Roseville Pottery – Shape Number and Pattern Index Pages

We often get questions from Roseville pottery collectors trying to identify a pattern name by the shape DSC_0073z number on the bottom of their vase.  We now have an online resource to provide some assistance to Roseville collectors in matching up shape numbers with a pattern name. 

It is definitely still a work in progress, but collectors can now browse the majority of the documented shape numbers for each Roseville pattern.  Look here for the index of shape numbers for Roseville pottery patterns

To review Roseville pottery marks, in 1936, Roseville began using a die-impressed Roseville and the corresponding shape number and size in script. For example Roseville 747-10 would refer to a Roseville Pinecone vase that would be approximately 10" in height. 

Beginning in 1940, the pottery started marking pieces with a raised Roseville USA mark along with the corresponding shape number and size.  Earlier middle period Roseville produced between 1927 and 1935 would have been marked with only paper or foil labels and sometimes with the corresponding shape number and size in red or black crayon.

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  1. Barbara Allen says:

    I have a Roseville Cricket #416 and I can’t
    find it listed. RRP and Co. Roseville,Ohio is listed the bottom. Can you tell me anything about this piece?

    • Barbara,
      Your piece isn’t Roseville Pottery. It was made by a company called Robinson Ransbottom Pottery which was located in Roseville, Ohio but is unrelated to Roseville Pottery.

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