Another Unexpected Art Pottery Find

Newcomb College vase 8 inches tall 6-04-09 004s Last week, we told you about a valuable Newcomb Pottery vase that was found in a thrift store and sold for more than $3,000.  If you thought it was a fluke, think again.  This week, we received an email from a fellow art pottery collector who also found a rare Newcomb vase where he least expected.  On one of his regular visits to his local thrift store in search of collectibles for his curio cabinet (or as his wife calls it, "another piece of junk"), he found himself in a conversation with some of the other collectors who frequented the same store.  One had just found a treasure in one of the carts.  No one recognized it immediately; however, it was only priced at $4.99, so he figured "why not?"  After all, he could trash those plastic leaves, clean up the vase and add it to his collection.

After he got home, he began his search to discover what exactly he had just invested in.  Before the vase could be called "another piece of junk" by his lovely wife, he found out it was a 1925 Newcomb vase by Anna Frances Simpson!  Even more exciting was the realization of it being thrown by Joseph Meyer.  You may know Joseph Meyer ceased throwing in the mid-1920s.  The vase, which is 8" tall and 5" at its widest, is valued between $2,000 and $3,000!  I could be wrong, but I'm thinking the Mrs. will be Newcomb College vase 8 inches tall 6-04-09 018 accompanying him during his future treasure hunts.

This is another example of how beautiful art is sometimes found in the most unlikely places.  This time, a cart that had just been wheeled out of a thrift store's back warehouse was where this rare Newcomb art pottery was discovered. 

We love hearing these stories so be sure to share yours with us.  You never know who might be inspired by your tale.

Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery


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