Ephraim Faience Pottery

Anigif  As all Ephraim Faience Pottery fans know, this art pottery company still releases its hand thrown and decorated vases and other pottery in limited edition.  The photographs you see here just reinforce our appreciation of this modern art pottery line, each one with a striking background, courtesy of fellow Ephraim collectors Steve and Rose.  Steve has masterfully managed to incorporate elements of nature and used it to highlight the intricacies Ephraim Faience art pottery is so well known for.  Notice the Ephraim Trillium vase – this is one that remains as popular now as it was when it was released. The greens play off the whites in the flower for a soft glow that's incredibly difficult to replicate.  

We also have several current as well as early experimental examples of Ephraim Faience Pottery available on our New Products page, so if you're looking to add to your own collection, be sure to check these out.  Of course, you can always view Just Art Pottery's Ephraim Faience Pottery page for even more hard to find pieces from this investment quality contemporary art pottery.. 

Have your own photos that capture the elegance and beauty of Ephraim Faience Pottery?  Drop us a line, we'd love to hear your stories and see your images.  Also, if you haven't signed up for Just Art Pottery's newsletter, now's a great time to do so.

Donna McGill – Just Art Pottery


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! I love this Ephraim Faience Pottery and must know more!!

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