Weller Pottery Matt Green

Mattgreen1 Matt Green, when used in context with Weller Pottery company, is not a name, but rather, a production of a particular glaze dated around 1905.  Historians say it’s one of the more interesting glazes of Weller Pottery and that it came closer to matching in quality to Grueby Pottery than any other pottery company during that time.  For those who collect the Weller Pottery matt green pieces, they know they are rarely marked and have what’s referred to as “highly stylized” features.  Still, many have trouble identifying these pieces.  That’s a shame since it’s possible that beautiful pieces have been overlooked because a collector wasn’t sure if it was a true Weller piece.  Interestingly, the bottoms of most of the pottery pieces finished in this glaze have a blue-green  appearance.  This is indicative that you’re in the presence of a true Weller Pottery piece.  And the values are impressive, too.

An undated matt green jardinière, with applied leaf handles, floriform feet and embossed lilies can bring in an impressive amount, close to a thousand dollars at times and the jardinières with Greek key patterns are considered extremely collectible as well. Another attractive reason to consider collecting the Weller Pottery matt green line is its versatility. Vases of varying sizes and shapes, planters, lamp bases and umbrella stands are just a few of the offerings.  The originality in the designs is remarkable.  One vase, complete with banded handles, is unlike anything else you’re likely to find. It stands 12” high and the “bands” on the two handles resemble vents.  They’re horizontal and extend only to the expanse Mattgreenweller of the handles.  It’s a very unique look – and it definitely adds monetary value to the vase. 

The fact is, there are many beautiful pieces in this glaze line. Weller Pottery definitely has its place in the American art pottery sector and for those who’ve yet to discover it or recognize it for what it offers is in for a real treat once they’re able to really take a closer look.  Do yourself a favor – start with the mat green line.  See all of the Weller Pottery collections at Just Art Pottery.

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