What Merits a “Mint Condition” Classification for Just Art Pottery?

Apple Blossom

Often, we see or hear the words “mint condition” used in describing art pottery pieces. Most of us equate that term to “perfect”, and it is, but there’s more to it. Perhaps the biggest confusion is that this term is only used to describe the condition of any given piece, but not necessarily the grade of quality of the piece. For instance, a Roseville Pottery knock off might not be authentic, but it can certainly be in mint condition. Its value, of course, is nowhere near the true Roseville piece.

Also, as Greg Myroth explains, imperfections don’t always warrant a lower condition classification. If an art pottery vase leaves the factory with some minor production flaw, it too can still be classified as being mint. As long as the damage or flaw didn’t occur after it made, you still have a mint pottery vase. This is why even the smallest details are included in all of the Just Art Pottery descriptions. To not do so is unethical and unacceptable.

The American Art Pottery Association has a Code of Ethics that every legitimate seller of art pottery adheres to. Part of that code includes a truthful and accurate representation of any piece, its authenticity and its conditions. All damage, alterations, repairs and missing parts must be disclosed before the sale is made. Just Art Pottery operates by these ethical codes.

That said, each art pottery piece is valued within a certain price range, based on its condition and grade, as well as its rarity. The true value, as many art pottery collectors will tell you, is deemed by its owner. It’s those tiny roses, glossy finishes or detailed art elements on our favorite collections that tell us how valuable they are. Finding that final sugar bowl that completes a collection, for many of us, is priceless.

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