Roseville Pottery Chloron Line

By now, if you’ve read our blog for any length of time, you likely have read about several of the Roseville Pottery lines. It’s funny how you can be looking right at something, but it’s not until you come across a certain piece or even a photograph of that piece that you realize just how incredible that line truly is. This was the case with the Roseville Chloron line. The style, introduced in 1905, is considered art nouveau and it offers that matte green finish so many of us are attracted to. This matte gloss on the Roseville Chloron somehow reveals the dimensions in a way that’s hard to find in other art pottery makers.

One of the company’s representatives wrote at one time that the Chloron vases were “in antique styles, of a soft, rich green color”. That’s a very accurate description. This line also offers mostly floral designs and in what the representative referred to as “raised slightly”, one can really see the depth of any given piece.

Despite its consistency, Roseville Chloron offers slight nuances in its textures and even coloring. Some pieces will present a bit darker than others. This only adds to the appeal. There is only a single known factory stock page and it shows 19 shapes, including vases, bowls, candlesticks and ewers. There is a single and unmistakable ink stamp. It’s in script and reads simply “Chloron”.

The one photo that really caught my eye was a Roseville Chloron vase. It measures 5.5” and is scalloped across the vase opening. It’s really a unique design and because of that, it really stands out. The scallops, though slightly different and wider, appear again less than halfway down the vase in what’s best described as raised ribbons. Despite the decorative touches, there’s a simplicity in the vase that really adds to the overall beauty and is indicative of the line as a whole.

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