Van Briggle Tiles

There’s no denying some of the most beautiful art pottery tiles came from the Van Briggle pottery lines. From the subtle grays and blues to the riveting golds, greens and rich browns, collectors appreciate this line for its eclectic offerings and general appeal.

It’s interesting, but the company likely never manufactured these tiles until after the death of its founder, Artus Van Briggle in 1904. Every tile used at the Memorial Pottery Plant was made at the “home base” of Van Briggle, located on Nevada Avenue in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With the success of their use at the new plant, it was a natural progression that the pottery company would begin producing and selling these tiles to the general public.

The production included incorporating a dry press tile machine and the glaze used was courtesy of “waste” glaze that had been saved from other Van Briggle pottery pieces. Decorative elements included incisions along with the use of many colors. They were advertised as ideal for kitchens bathrooms and interestingly, porches. Lovely flowers adorned these tiles as well as abstracts, leaves and textures.

The Memorial Pottery plant was located in Colorado Springs, as well. It was a grand red brick building with no shortage of “A” frames (perhaps inspired by the double “A” enclosed in a square that became the Van Briggle trademark?). Easily identified by the massive twin chimneys emerging from the center of the large building, some of the most distinctive tiles of the time period emerged from this location. They continue to inspire and strike awe to this day.

Be sure to take a look at our Van Briggle Pottery offerings. You’re sure to notice the unique presentation of this remarkable line of American art pottery. And if you have your favorites, we’d love to see your photos.

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