Roseville Pottery Della Robbia

Roseville Pottery, to many, is known by its more popular lines, such as Roseville Pine Cone or even the beautiful Roseville Zephyr Lily. There were many lines this pottery company released, including the lesser-known, though stunning, Roseville Della Robbia.

Della Robbia is perhaps one of the most striking lines of Roseville Pottery. It’s an early line, released in 1906 and is often known as Rozane Della Robbia. It’s interesting that there are a few very unique and specific lines that are associated with Roseville, but the truth is, this pottery company had more than 110 lines, and some of the more beautiful collections are too often overlooked. One of those collections is, of course, Roseville Pottery Della Robbia.

Textures, Glazes and Colors

Perhaps it’s the expense associated with owning any of these pieces. They began as Rozane Royal or sometimes even Roseville Cremo shapes, only to be laid aside and picked back up again with a new focus. That new focus includes wonderful textures and distinctive glazes and color combinations. More importantly, each piece was carved, detailed and colored by hand. Once you see the detailing, you begin to understand the love that surely went into each vase, ewer or fern dish.

Other Decorative Elements

It’s really quite a versatile line, too. Unlike other lines, such as the Roseville Sunflower line that has a very specific color combination and decorative elements, the Della Robbia offers up different color combinations and patterns. One Della Robbia may include abstracts and scallops while another piece has a more feminine floral design. There’s one particular vase that has clear Japanese influences. This is only part of what makes this such a special collection.

Della Robbia Shape Numbers

There were 23 shape numbers associated with The Roseville Della Robbia and you’re as apt to discover a vase with carved penguins and trees as you are hand carved and very detailed flower petals. It’s truly one of the more sophisticated lines and frankly, that attention to detail that defines Roseville Pottery was never more evident.

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